Hand Dryers
LW 44A (l) stainless steel bright


Code: LW 44A (l) stainless steel bright

Working with photocell, it works until hands are positioned underneath the dryer. Thanks to its reduced size, it is suitable also for small toilets. The trendy finishing of the cover in stainless steel gives to the washroom elegance, granting at the same time a very easy maintenance and cleaning without any problem of rusting.



Functioning Photocell
Cover material Glazed carbon steel
Cover closure Standard screws
Base material ABS self-extinguishing
Supply voltage 220/240 V
Main frequency 50/60 Hz
Absorption motor/ n° revolutions 140 W / 2900 rev./min
Heating element absorption 1500 W
Overall power absorption 1640W
Air speed at outlet 52 Km/h
Air flow at outlet 2.5 m3/min
Ingress protection level IP21
Electrical protection level Class II
Net weight 5 Kg
Quality marks TÜV -CE
Design and technology Made in Italy
Anti-vandal Sturdy and compact cover
Temperature Constant running temperature
Test Provided with test certificate