Hand Dryers
MG 88A(b) UVC white


Code: MG 88A(b) UVC white

Warm air hand dryer provided with an antibacterial device ideal for maximum hygiene exigencies; studied in particular for medical and hospital surroundings and food sector.



Functioning Photocell
Cover material Carbon steel
Cover closure Stainless steel bars
Base material Aluminium
Supply voltage 220/240 V
Main frequency 50/60 Hz
Motor absorption/ n° revolutions 250W / 6680 rev./min
Heating element absorption 2000W
Overall power absorption 2250W
Air speed at nozzle outlet 105 Km/h
Airflow at nozzle outlet 4,3 m3/min
Ingress protection level IP21 – IP23 with fixed nozzle
Electrical protection level Class I
Quality marks TÜV -CE
Net weight 8 Kg
Design and technology Made in Italy
Performance High efficiency
Anti-thief Closure with special screws
Anti-vandal Compact and sturdy structure
Nozzle Revolving 360°
Long Life Over 15 years
Temperature Constant during drying
Test Provided with test certificate
Air purifing efficacy Thanks to the UV device
Lamp guaranteed life Over 5000 hours