Code: MH610

Hair dryer, gun type wall mounted, made in a new antibacterial material containing Nano Silver. Working with push button, it grants constant temperature and airflow. Inlet grill and on/off push button complete safety features.



Functioning Push button
Body material Polycarbonate with Nano Silver
Base material Polycarbonate
Supply voltage 220/240 V
Main frequency 50/60 Hz
Overall power absorption 1200 W
Ingress protection level (holder) IP20
Electrical protection level Class II
Quality marks VDE – CE
Weight 0.25 Kg without base
Holder With ring, wall mounting
Design Simple and elegant
Performance High efficiency with low power absorption
Anti-thief Wall mounting with screws
Long Life Long lasting motor
Temperature Constant during drying
Safety switch-off grip Automatic switch-off at grip release
Hygiene Sanitized Nano Silver